My Story

My purpose is: to “Live for today, dare to be different, be true to myself and help guide others to be the very best they can be!”

My Biz values are: Connection, Energy, fun, creativity, inspiration and authenticity

My Biz Vision is: "Empowering women to thrive and live the 'Sweet Life' they love and deserve"

My Biz Mission is: "Box of Chocolates will help you to find your sweet spot and give you the tools to gain clarity and direction in all areas of your life.  As an Empowerment Coach I will guide, motivate and support you as we work together to design a life plan to achieve your goals and find your true purpose.  Using a compassionate, yet results-orientated approach, I will help you identify what you most love to do in both your personal and professional life so that you can reach your full potential".

Hi there gorgeous, 

I’m Lisa Conroy and believe life is an exciting journey, full of experiences and challenges that help us grow and evolve.  I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to introduce myself and my beautiful company, Box of Chocolates!

Born a Geordie Lass, but been living in NZ as a proud Kiwi Citizen since 1973, married to my soulmate and best friend Mike with two fantastic young men that make me smile regularly.  I thoroughly enjoy spending time with my family and extended family over in the Wairarapa, with many delicious and humorous weekends away.

As a young mum I was actively involved in the community as President of our local Plunket Branch, the Kindergarten Committee, then onto college with many years of fundraisers, activities and playing taxi driver – loved it all!

I’ve worked in a variety of industries and roles from floristry to IT, the film industry, aviation, hospitality, sport, health and Community Research.  I adore travelling and experiencing other cultures while meeting new people so I will keep buying Lotto as I still have many countries to visit on my wish list!

I am passionate about trying new experiences and keeping life interesting, such as running scrumptious Wellness retreats, creative Art Therapy workshops, and delicious Aromatherapy pamper parties, along with my one on one Coaching and healing work.  I gained my Life, Career and Wellness Coaching certification with the amazing, Cassandra Gaisford from Worklife Solutions and became a certified Reiki Healer in Level 1 & 2 + Masters 3A with the beautiful Lynda Johnson from That's Better.

Health and Well-being are important to me and I meditate daily, enjoy hot yoga, my happy places are walking in the bush or near the sea, and taking time out to “just BE!”

I offer a healing and coaching clinic through Wellington Apothecary and often run combination offers with both Reiki and Coaching which have proven to be a popular combo!

It’s not an easy task juggling lots of hats, striving for success, staying positive and taking time out just for YOU, but you owe it to yourself to lead a happy, purposeful and meaningful life that you love!

I run regular Wellness events to empower women to live authentic amazing lives!  To find out about these  events  check out  my “What’s happening” page, and my “Services” page to enquire about your own unique experience with Box of Chocolates.

I’d love to hear from you and find out how we can work together on assisting you with your own life goals, dreams and challenges!  

Book your complimentary 1 hour discovery session today by contacting me using the information at the top of the screen.  Take that next step and let’s jump on that journey to help you to thrive, so that you can show the world your authentic shine and true potential! 


Sweet blessings



Lisa Conroy
Director of Happiness
Box of Chocolates