How does life coaching work?

A life coach works one-to-one over an extended period of time.  This way the work is targeted and focused to the client’s need, plus the coach is able to make sure their clients really develop new skills and habits.

How would you like to?:

  • Embrace change and grow and evolve
  • Unlock your true potential
  • Find new possibilities in your both your personal life or career path
  • Feel happier and more energised
  • Increase your confidence and feel great about the direction you’re heading
  • Improve your relationships and bring more love into your life
  • Feel in control and direct your life towards achieving your goals
  • Have a fulfilling, successful and satisfying life by living in the moment
  • Live your dreams, turn them into reality and grow from the experience

Most coaches work with clients within a 2-3 month coaching structure, for one hour per week or within a time frame that meets the clients time demands and goals.  Over this time the coach helps the client set goals, provides feedback, perspective, encouragement and new ways of tackling situations.  In each meeting, the client chooses the focus of conversation, while the coach listens and contributes observations and questions.  This interaction creates clarity and moves the client into action.  Coaching accelerates the client’s progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice.

Coaching concentrates on where clients are now and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be in the future.  An effective coach provides a structure to help a person assess where they are today, decide on what they want to change, discover where their blocks are to achieving their goals, create a roadmap for change, and to stay focused and on track.

Life coaching takes a holistic look at a person’s life and their life goals.  The coaching may cover a variety of areas including relationships, finances, careers, stress, health, self esteem, transitioning through change, overcoming negative emotions and self defeating behaviour, building confidence, assertiveness skills, diet/weight loss to name a few.

Life coaching is not the same as therapy or counselling.  People don’t need to have a problem to seek the services of a life coach, although some people do.  More often than not people are just feeling stuck and need someone objective and supportive to spur them on.  Life coaching is solutions-focused, and rather than dwell on the past, focuses on where a person is now, where they want to be and the steps and changes necessary to get them there.  It is about helping individuals find their own solutions and their own path to goal achievement.

A life coach is like a synthesis of a mentor to believe in you and help you set bigger goals for yourself....a manager to break down the goals into do-able bits”.....a personal trainer that will keep you moving along your path and a sports coach to give you feedback to help improve your game”.

What is career coaching?

A career coach is simply someone who guides others through job and career changes, helps individuals experience fulfilment in their work, and facilitates the match between the person and their work choices, within or outside a specific company, to optimise their contribution and satisfaction.

The career coach’s primary role is to serve as a catalyst for transformation and change in the client’s work life.  Whether the client is at a crossroads of identity and purpose, or just seeking to enrich his/her current work experience, career coaches serve as a guide to the next step in the individual’s professional development.

Using a respectful, compassionate, yet results-oriented approach, the coach helps his/her clients identify what they most love to do.  The next step is to facilitate the client’s process in creating and/or obtaining that job, career or business option.

What is wellness coaching?

A wellness coach will look at your life as a whole, discovering your mental, physical and spiritual needs and wants to ensure you are living your life by your values and beliefs.  

We will work through fun exercises to draw out your strengths and focus on increasing your well-being so that you feel in sync with your lifestyle and have a healthy work/life balance.

We will review your stress levels, diet, fitness, social life, interests, creativity and any other areas that will assist in finding direction and living with purpose.


Box of Chocolates can help you to bring these attributes and more into your life in a creative and holistic way, so what are you waiting for?