I spent a fun afternoon today amongst a group of lovely woman learning about colour, design, interiors, space, artwork and much more!

We were introduced to Christina Narayanan from  and Michele Courage, an artist who also runs , both worked really well together and shared their inspirational tips of the trade.  We got to choose some colour palates of our own and get some advice on the combos and some demos of how you can create beautiful environments with flair and feeling.

The saying “Home is where the heart is” resonates strongly when it comes to where you live.  Some homes are just inviting and have a relaxing and enticing ambiance, whereas others just make you want to run for the hills. 

A home should tell a story behind the people that live there, trinkets or pictures from places you’ve visited, artwork that you love, colours that inspire you, flowers that make you smile, scents that make you happy , along with furniture that works your space and lifestyle.

If you are needing some inspiration or advice on your own space, I highly recommend these woman to help save you making those costly mistakes and find colours and designs that you will adore. 

How could you bring a change to your environment, whether it’s a new feature wall, colourful duvet, piece of furniture or artwork to create a totally new feel to a room? 

Why not indulge in a new project for some inspiration and creativity – what are you waiting for?

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