It's so important to take time out and reconnect with your partner to celebrate the journey you've been on together, as you have become completely different people over the years through all life's experiences.

My husband and I recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and so we decided it was a good excuse to have another wee adventure.  In April we both headed to Thailand for a couple of weeks and did an Intrepid tour which was so much fun exploring new places, tasting exotic meals and diving into cultural activities that made us feel like kids again.   

We thought this time we'd give glamping a go as we've enjoyed camping trips in the past, and being winter thought this was a great way to get outdoors -  but with the home comforts of a wood-burner and real bed!  Our destination was Kawakawa Station in the Wairarapa through a company called , which was on a farm in the rugged countryside near Lake Ferry. They have lots of other great destinations around NZ, so highly recommend giving it a go if you want to try something different. 

It was great to have a break from technology and meant we actually had to talk to each other...I know!!  With no electricity, all our cooking was done by BBQ and lanterns but added to the fun and adventure of getting out of our normal routines.  We managed to whip up some pretty damn amazing meals under the circumstances and impressed ourselves with our culinary skills in the great outdoors, under a new moon too!

I decided to brave the elements and go in the outside bath one morning, it took an hour to heat the water but was an invigorating experience being at one with nature and just relaxing with no interruptions, only the birds chirping in the background.  

It's so good for your mind to switch off from everything like this and just be in the moment.  We shared some great stories around the fire and enjoyed some mighty fine wines, and all in all was a relaxing and memorable weekend.

When was the last time you were able to head away for an adventure, even if you haven't got time to escape for a weekend, just going bush for a few hours or walking along the beach, reading a book in a park,or riding your bike? Somewhere new can be so energising.

Celebrate your special moments not just for the big occasions, but everyday - make sure you do something you love!



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