Have you ever had trouble staying focused, it can be confusing and you kind of drift aimlessly along, not really sure of what you are meant to be doing or how to do it without a clue?

It’s easy to set goals and form plans or say we’re going to do something, but how many of us actually follow through with it?

Focus is essential if you want to become more successful at anything in your life.  This means being able to stay on track with your goals and action steps to help you achieve them. 

In order to stay focused, you will need to be consistent with the following 3 things:

  • Know where you are going
  • Know how to get there
  • Do whatever it takes to get there

Never underestimate the importance of knowing what you want and forming a solid plan, without the first 2 steps, staying focused would be near impossible.

However distractions get in our way, albeit a new series on tv, a social event or our own negative thoughts and beliefs, can get in the way of us fulfilling our dreams and goals.  Only you can overcome this, and not let it become an excuse to stop trying.

Do yourself a favour and back yourself, be firm about minimizing the distractions – set limits on your tv watching, let your family and friends know of your goals and ask them for their support.  Work on strategies to control the negative chatter in your head and stop sabotaging your chances of success.

Make a commitment to achieve your goals, eliminate distractions and without commitment you won’t be putting your best foot forward – this is an essential part of your success.  Promise yourself that you will face the challenges, keep moving forward and learn from the set-backs…where would the fun be if it was all smooth sailing.  This is how we grow by falling over and bouncing back up – it makes us stronger and more resilient and people start noticing that you mean business!

With this attitude and backing yourself 110% will make you unstoppable – what are you waiting for, go grab those dreams and turn them into reality.  No regrets!!

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