Life can be so hectic and overwhelming sometimes that it can be easy to lose ourselves on the busyness rollercoaster.  It can feel like there’s just not enough hours in the day and you desperately crave an escape from it all to recharge the batteries.

My wish came true last weekend as I went on a silent meditation weekend retreat at the Waihoanga Wellness Centre in Otaki.  I was not sure how I was going to cope with no talking, eye contact, listening to music, reading or technology and for many this would be their worst nightmare.  However I was pleasantly surprised how easy and liberating it was to have this time to relax and just be.  It’s not until we slowdown and allow our mind to get some space that we find clarity and solutions. Just being around nature, escaping for a walk by the river and being surrounded by the most amazing birdsong was energising. The time strangely went very quickly, and when you’re focused on just relaxing and winding down, it’s easier to tap into what your body needs and to do something about it.  I left feeling blissfully happy and content, yet energised and focused on what I need to do in the coming months.  I would highly recommend everyone takes a weekend away like this for themselves, it doesn't have to be a silent one, but to get away from your usual routines and places is refreshing.


·         Decide what your inner “sacred” sanctuary means to you:

This isn't always possible, so one way to create this feeling is to “mindfully escape” and find your own inner sacred sanctuary.  In order to do this you need to decide what “sacred” means to you.  What do you need to quiet your mind, release stress or feel inspired?  What feelings do you want to evoke – relaxation, motivation or whatever it is that will refill your tank?

·         Transform your feeling into action:

Once you've identified how you want to feel, identify what you can do to create that feeling.  It may be meditation, having a bubble bath, listening to some relaxing music, going for a walk/run/bike ride, practising some yoga poses, reading something inspiring or just enjoying some moments of silence.  Keep it simple, it shouldn't feel like a chore but something that you want to do.

·         Create a routine:

We are creatures of habit and innately crave structure.  By squeezing your “sacred” space into your daily routine, it’s more likely to become a habit.  Plus, you’re sending a strong signal to yourself that YOU are a top priority.  First thing in the morning or just before bed are great times to create some structure with some routine.

·         Have a contingency plan:

There are hidden moments in each day, no matter how busy we might feel.  Whether it’s on the bus, in the shower, walking to work, during lunch, you can leverage these seemingly insignificant moments into powerful “sacred” connections.  When things get hectic, be mindful of utilising these hidden spaces and times to cultivate your sacred space.

If you want to feel happy and content most days, then only you can do something about that – take action and put some steps in place that will enable you to find some inner peace in your busy world.

How will you create sacred space and time in your life?

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