It’s only days away now until the “Living the sweet life” retreat kicks off in Otaki, and I’m very excited to have a fabulous bunch of ladies joining me.

It feels like it’s been a long time in the making, so am very happy to see it all come to fruition.  We will have an amazing weekend of relaxation, workshops, yoga, meditation, Zen high tea and lots of fun activities.

It’s so important to take time out for ourselves, to stop and reflect on where we are now, where we want to be, and work out how to get there.  By recharging the batteries, getting away from normal day to day routines, your brain goes ahhh and loves the new environment and focus – let’s call it a mental workout! 

Being out in nature is energising and rejuvenating, waking up to amazing birdsong, looking out to greenery all around you and walking through forests help us feel balanced and centred

With Christmas not far away, it’s a good time to have some stress busting techniques under your belt, so that you go into this season feeling happy and positive.

A few tips for to help you find some balance over the crazy season:

·         Ensure you take a break throughout the day, get away from your desk and if possible get outdoors for some rays.

·         Find some laughter in your day, whether it be watching kids doing something silly, a funny YouTube clip, reading a light-hearted book or watching a comedy – laughter really is the best medicine.

·         Use a weekly template to plot all your activities, ensuring you have your priorities in place and allow for downtime and social events.  What can you let go of to help you add in something you love doing?

·         Keep up a regular exercise routine, as hard as it is when juggling lots, it’s when you need it most to keep your energy levels up and release pent up energy

·         Tackle the clutter around you, a tidy home is a tidy mind and you will feel more relaxed

·         Start journaling, it’s great to express your feelings, hopes, dreams or frustrations – as they say “better out than in” – it just works, and you’re letting the universe know what direction you want to go through the power of attraction by setting your intentions.

·         Get the family organised so everyone’s got set tasks and contributes to the weekly activities/chores

·         Keep Christmas simple, stay to your budgets and just have fun – a friendly chat, visit or hug is worth way more than a present that has no heart in it.  Get creative and make or bake something, it always has a touching effect when someone has done something original and thoughtful.

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