Sounds easy doesn’t it, just “BE” in the moment, but you try sitting still for a set period of time without your mind wandering.

I was at a Yin yoga class earlier today where you hold your poses for 3-5 minutes at a time, and your mind wants to go somewhere else, so it is a great test of mind over matter.  It’s so good for your body to do this as it pumps new blood into your bones and feels fantastic to deep stretch, especially if you’re a runner or have tight muscles in general.

It’s a great skill, to be able to sharpen your focus and attention on a set task without getting distracted.  In the busyness of life we’re always jumping from one thing to another and living on the adrenaline some days, but something has to give or you reach burnout eventually.  Quite often you’re seen as being really organised if you can multi task, but more and more studies are proving that we are far more productive when we stick to one task and finish it before moving onto the next.

By working on our concentration levels, we are able to pay more attention to what we are doing and improve our memory and focus for longer periods. 

When was the last time you really listened to someone, and by that I mean not thinking of what you’re going to say or express, but hearing every word they are saying without your mind thinking of other things.  It’s our nature to jump in and respond with our opinion or suggestions, but sometimes that person just wants to express themselves without judgment or reaction and to be listened to.  It takes a lot of practise, but it’s surprising what new information or insights can come out of conversations when you hold back.

How could you BE more in the moment in your own life?

Here are a few suggestions:

·         When you wake up, instead of going straight for your phone, open your eyes slowly and listen to what’s around you, what sounds can you hear as you awaken your senses.

·         Instead of tuning into music when you’re on the bus or going for a run, unplug for a change and just bring your awareness to what’s around you, study the people on the bus and their body language, look out the window at the view and notice “real life goings on” instead of scrolling through people’s updates on Facebook.  It brings you in touch with yourself and listen to the words or messages that go on in your mind as you sit and observe.  It can actually be very refreshing to switch off and just be!

·         Take time out to sit by the sea or in a park and use your sense of smell to soak up the fresh grass or sea breeze, look at the birds above you and the blue sky or clouds passing by – it relaxes the body and mind when you let it wander and not fixate on anything particular.

·         Get absorbed in something that really interests you, whether it’s a creative outlet, a great book, a movie or a hobby – by totally focusing on your interest you are being in the moment and enjoying all that it offers.

·         When in the shower, really feel the water going over your head and washing over your body, soak up the feeling of it cleansing you and smell the yummy aromas of your body wash or scented soap.  There are so many amazingly scented body washes out there, find one that you love the smell of, whether it’s to energise or balance you – it’s a blissful way to start your day.

Feel more inspired by learning to just BE and reap the benefits.


Photo credits: Pinterest

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