There is something very special about the Summer Christmas holidays, the sense of adventures ahead, long summer days and time out from routines is so rejuvenating.  I have three weeks to soak up this holiday bliss and will be making the most of my down time!

I was lucky to have a week off before Christmas, so this meant lie-ins, baking, getting everything organised and pretty much chilling out in the days leading up to it, including a gorgeous massage treat.  My body went into ahhh mode and thanked me hugely.

Just having the luxury of going by my own timetable again makes my soul sing, I still like to keep some routines in place, but the joy of not having to rush around was energising.  Waking when my body naturally wanted to, instead of hearing the buzz of my alarm makes a huge difference.

I've loved being able to grab a book, write in my journal and go for a walk/run a bit later when the sun is out and grab some Vitamin D.  I'm soaking up being able to take time to listen to the birds and see all the wonderful things around me.

Catching up with friends and family over a few drinks/meal without having to look at the watch is bliss, everyone looks and feels happier and relaxed.

Family time is treasured, swapping stories, sharing laughs and enjoying quality time together is always enjoyable.  Everyone pitches in and does their bit to help out, being able to sit outside till late chatting and enjoying each other’s company is such a treat.

There is always a lot of hype about making resolutions for the New Year, but I believe it’s more important at this time of the year, to let yourself wind down and listen to what your body needs/wants.  It’s not until we relax and take this time out that our ideas start flowing and we get enthusiastic about the year ahead. Taking time to reflect on what the year meant to you, what you loved, what wasn't so great, and what you want to change next year, are all great areas to help you plan ahead and come up with some focus.  Creating some fun intentions that are realistic and manageable, will keep you a lot more on track than goals that don’t really mean anything to you.

Maybe you could have a theme for the year that will make you feel excited about what you want to achieve.  It’s much healthier to have goals in key areas of your life all year round, than to just create some now because it seems like the right thing to do.  Either way, keep it light, fun and full of things that make you smile, with a few challenges in there for personal growth.  It’s really rewarding to look back over a year and see how many new things you've tried and glow in your success stories.

A great way to help bring your ideas and intentions to life is through creating your own passion journal or visual diary.  By collecting pictures of things that you want in your life, writing your ideas and wishes down, you give the universe instructions on exactly what you want, creating the law of attraction.  I've been doing this for a few years now and it’s amazing when I look back over my journals, how much has come true and helped create the life that I want.  It’s important to believe that you deserve a happy, abundant and inspirational life – by keeping your thoughts and actions positive and focused on what you want, rather than what you don’t have, creates a pathway to new opportunities and a successful lifestyle.  Our life reflects our thoughts, so why not back yourself on a new plan incorporating all the things you love, and doing less of the things that don’t make you happy.

I will be putting my wishes out there for the New Year and am full of excitement for all the wonderful things I've got to look forward to in 2015!  

Reward yourself for all your efforts this year, and when you’re ready take some time to indulge and dream about what you want to attract in your life next year – you are worth this investment!

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