Everyone wants to lead a life that they’re excited about, where it feels authentic and to know that you’re ok no matter what!  Our mind is very powerful and we create our own destiny through our thoughts, words and actions – so it’s important to make sure you’re going about it in a positive way!  Are you ready to start kicking your personal goals, embracing new habits and going for it – then stick around for some hot tips to get the winning life you deserve! 

  1. Believe that you are a champion: we are not born successful, it’s our choices that bring success and all our experiences that add momentum. Back yourself with belief and be your number one fan, take small steps and however long it takes you to master your goals – know that the effort will all be worth it.
  2. Discover your passion(s):  It comes down to loving what you do, in order to stay motivated you need to be passionate about your goal or cause.  Surround yourself with supportive people, who will inspire you to keep focusing on what’s important and share the ups/downs to keep you on track.
  3. Run with the rough and the smooth: the path you take will not always be a smooth one, hurdles are a way of life, and by building resilience and being kind to yourself along the way will help you bounce back with a vengeance.  It’s all part of your story to tell, makes life interesting and builds character along the way.
  4. Take action: Talk and plan yes, but it’s only when action is taken that you get traction and start to see results.  It’s important to get all your ideas and resources in place, however they are no good to you without taking action.  Success = intention + focused action – not just intention!  Do you have the drive to see things through to the end, if not, what needs to change to make this happen, what new steps or support could you introduce along the way to reach your goal?
  5. Create positive vibes:  You are the one in control here, this is where your thoughts, words and actions come into play.  By visualising your goal, feeling how good it will be to achieve it, and knowing how amazing you will feel to reach target and accomplish what you need or want, should help propel you forward in a positive way.  Speak like a winner, hang out with those that inspire you, dream of the possibilities in front of you and know that you are capable of whatever you put your mind to.  Keep a diary to record your journey along the way, it’s always fun to look back on how you overcome obstacles and won.  Where do your strengths lie, work on your weaknesses and jump at new experiences for personal growth.
  6. It’s only through failure that we know success:  Everyone needs to experience a little dose of failure from time to time, otherwise how can you recognise success.  When a setback occurs, be mindful of which physical, psychological, tactical or technical skills you’ll need to shift you towards success.  The taste of failure only makes success all the more sweeter.
  7. Embrace your fear – champions roll with change:  Fear can easily paralyse you and prevent you from making the changes you need to progress.  Build on what you know already, improve your skills and believe in change for the better, so you’re prepared for any obstacles that life hurls at you.  Seek advice from professionals if necessary or find a coach/mentor to support you.
  8.  Think like a winner:  So many of us are guilty of focusing on what we can’t do, instead of what we can do.  You need to ditch this habit and launch your belief campaign if you are going to feel confident in your abilities.  Embrace new opportunities and look for ways that you can learn from others who have gone down a similar path.
  9. Give it your best effort:  When you put in a half-hearted effort, you guessed it, you get a half-hearted result.  This is the difference between winning and losing, you have to put every ounce of commitment, determination and energy into what it is that you want to achieve.  For something good to happen, you have to give it an opportunity to happen.
  10. Be a magnet for success and earn your reward:  Be aware of negativity from yourself or others, it’s important to stay positive and keep optimistic.  You need to believe that your goals are possible, keep them realistic and act on them.  No one else can do it for you, so back yourself and ignore anyone that’s pessimistic as you know this will contribute to a healthier, happier life.  It’s important to reward yourself along the way when you reach milestones and have an end reward in sight, this will help keep you on track and feel good about your accomplishments – anything is possible with the right mind-set!

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!”


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