I've been really lucky to have gone on a few development courses lately where I've been able to stretch myself and really get out of my comfort zone.

It can be uncomfortable at times, but you have to shake off the old to bring in the new and it feels amazingly liberating.  

I spent an awesomely cool weekend at Urban Yoga where it was a combo of Yoga and Mind mapping with a group of fab people who made the weekend such a huge success.  Adele Kinghan who is certified in teaching embodied flow yoga and the Danielle La Porte Desire Map programme was the inspiring facilitator, and empowered all of us to be open and honest to get the results we were after.  I loved the opportunity to combine both the physical and balancing side of yoga, while diving deep into some meaningful discussions and exercises, both in a group and individually.  We worked hard to get to the bottom of our Core Desired Feelings (CDF’s) – there was laughter, tears, dancing, chanting, meditation, monkey faces – you name it, we did it!!  We looked at the following areas of our life, by listening to what our heart desired and worked out what was missing and what needed to go – very juicy! 

• Lifestyle + Livelihood

• Creativity + Learning

• Body + Wellness

• Relationships + Society

• Essence + Spirituality

After working through a mighty long list, I've managed to get down to my 7 key CDF’s to focus on for 2015 – INSPIRING POSSIBILITIES, SHINE, FLOW, WEALTH, DARING, PASSION & FREE!!!  These feelings will help guide me in all my decisions this year from big to small and everything in between.  When we are guided by what our heart needs and wants, then we are living a life true to ourselves and purpose.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut sometimes, or just in some areas, which is why this is a powerful exercise to do.  

Why not take the time to write your own list on how you want to feel, and then match them with what you want to achieve.   Have a play around with different words and meanings until you get exactly what feels right to you.  It will be very rewarding knowing you’re living your life on your own terms with your personal power, and you will increase your energy levels and flow massively.    What new ideas or habits could you introduce to bring in these feelings, or what do you need to let go of to give you some space and time for positive change?  When we believe and trust in ourselves, there is no stopping us – it gives you all the drive you need to move forward and take action.  Bring it on!!

You can find out all about the workshop and Adele here:

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