I've been thinking a lot about courage lately and what it means,  as daring is one of my core desired feelings that I want to focus on and they seem to go hand in hand.  This evokes feelings of bravado, ruthless energy, a humongous leap of faith, a massive injection of enthusiasm and you know what….big balls!!

My husband Mike surprised me after Christmas by signing up for the IT Heavy Hitters 12 week boxing challenge, which is an intensive training programme involving two teams.  After 9 weeks, selection is made on who will get to fight for a great cause - Key to Life, a suicide prevention charity -  and the ante gets raised.  I have to say I was a tad concerned for his welfare as fitness hasn’t really been his friend of late.  The commitment involved to give up pretty much most of your social life and live on the edge with extreme training schedules and demands, takes a huge amount of courage and dedication.

This has really stretched him out of his comfort zone, tested his stamina, patience, commitment and energy levels to the max – but wow he has really come through with a winning attitude and is not only looking amazing,  but feeling it too!  He knew it wasn’t going to be an easy road but he wanted to give this his best shot and has shown true courage hands down!!  The alarm clock used to go off and there’d be a roll over for a few more minutes and huge sighs, whereas now he’s literally leaping out the bed – I have to be careful of whiplash! 

Yes hubby comes home well shattered and can barely make sentences some days and often goes into foetal position, but hey no challenge is ever easy and as they say – no pain no gain!  In order to grow, we have to stretch ourselves and try new things and experiences.  Life can get very monotonous doing the same thing week to week, so it can be very liberating to take on a new challenge and see where it takes you.

I've been so proud of Mike’s achievements and attitude through it all, he’s been a huge inspiration and has reminded me exactly what courage is all about.  He’s on a possible list to fight and, at the selection announcement, won the coaches Most Improved award which left him speechless which is not something I've seen much in over 20 years. I have no doubt that he will take the next few weeks with an inner power and strength that will push him through these tough weeks,  and come out a winner regardless of the outcome. 

Have you done anything courageous lately, who or what has made your heart boom with admiration?  Is there something you’ve wanted to try for ages and just keep putting off?   It may be learning a language, jumping out of a plane, doing an art class, learning to snowboard, wearing something bright and crazy, or booking that mystery weekend trip! Why not take that courageous leap and you too can come out the other end roaring and shining!! 

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