Doesn't that sound great? Who doesn't love an adventure, especially when the unplanned ones can be even more exciting!

Life is one big adventure, with so many places, people, activities and experiences to discover, there are endless opportunities out there just waiting to happen.  As kids we’d go off for hours exploring the great outdoors and creating magical playgrounds which would keep us entertained and buzzing without any money spent.  Why can’t we recreate that magical feeling on a regular basis with new found thrills!

Often we think we’ll do something “later” when we have the time, the money, the energy or the right people to go with…and the excuses go on and on!  Why not embrace a new adventure every week, because they don’t have to be expensive or massive ideas. Build up the excitement by planning ahead if you wish and make your day special from start to finish with lots of well thought out activities that are going to put a smile on your face. It could mean one of you plans the first part of the day, and the other plans the second part, so you both have a surprise in store. 

For those that lack inspiration, you could start up an adventure jar which may involve your family/partner.  You might like to spend a few hours brainstorming some ideas that you’d like to try, then throw them in a jar and pick them out at random – lucky dip adventures are awesome!  

There are some amazing one day walks or weekend tramps around the country, and with numerous accommodation options available for all tastes and budgets, there’s no excuse really not to escape for a weekend now and again.  Taking yourself out of your comfort zone, can be thrilling and you never know who you’ll end up meeting along the way.  It’s a great way to add some new spark into your weekend – maybe choose a theme from romantic/creative/learning/social or just having fun!

For those that can’t be bothered leaving the house or if the weather changes your plans, have a plan B.  Why not have a delicious picnic in the middle of the lounge and find an indoor activity that will interest you instead.  Or plan a midnight feast on a rainy Friday night with someone you love, get creative…

It’s also important to have some quality time out for yourself too, and learning to enjoy time on your own takes practise but can be blissful when you discover this luxury.    Switching off from technology and trying something new and exciting will always lift your spirits.

Learn to love your life, take time to create new experiences, grow from discovering new interests or be enthralled with some adrenaline activities – what will your next adventure be!  Love to hear what you have planned, share some of your ideas to inspire others….


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