Do you recognise your own unique creativity?  Creativity is a connection to your heart.  Every being creates in different ways, and all are equally beautiful.  Whether you paint, sing, write, garden, cook, dance, colour in, take photos, knit, explore – give it all you have and enjoy the magic you create!!


By allowing time to be creative, we give our mind space for new ideas and inspiration to kick in.  We underestimate the benefits of expressing ourselves.  When you take the time to lose yourself in an activity you enjoy and are absorbed in, your happy endorphins go nuts and a sense of joy and wellbeing takes over.

Some people have a gift for words, while others are great with colours and can visualise their ideas in amazing ways.  

As kids we played freely for hours, creating all kinds of magical wonders that we were so proud of, and yet as we get older we become more critical of our abilities, or make excuses around our creativity.

Everyone has the ability to be creative, given the opportunity and encouragement, you will be amazed at what hidden talents lie undetected for years, only to flow once given the chance.   There is no right or wrong way if you are expressing from your heart, and colour can bring a healing and amazing energy boost to your mind-set.

The sudden increase in adults taking up colouring in is not surprising.  We live in a world of being permanently switched on, that people are realising the benefits of mindful activities for their wellbeing.

How can you bring in some more creativity to your week, what activities did you love doing as a child that you could reintroduce.  Are there any local classes or courses that take your interest.  What has grabbed your attention lately while being out and about – what or who inspired you?

If you are in Wellington and would love to have a day to explore your creative side in a fun relaxing environment, then you are in luck!  Box of Chocolates will be running the “Living the Sweet Life – Mindful Creations” workshop on Sunday 1 November.  For all details and to register, go to

If you can’t make this day, you will get a second opportunity at the “Living the Sweet Life – Create your delicious & authentic life Day retreat in conjunction with Health & Homeopathy!” on Sat 14th November.  There will be plenty of opportunities for expression and creativity this day too.  For all details and to register, go to to

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