Box of Chocolates is excited to be offering "Living the Sweet Life - Happiness Project" a 3 part series workshops to take you on a journey to discover how important it is to have fun, and bring some magic and happiness into your life!  

A chance to find your sweet spot and discover your happy place in the world!

Being happy lifts not only ourselves but everyone around us, it is the gift that keeps on giving - a win-win all-round!

When we are happy we are in our flow, embracing all of life's opportunities, oozing confidence, shining our authentic personalities, embracing our interests and feel at peace with yourself and the world.  

We will bring colour back into your world in lots of different ways, we will raise our energy and attract wonderful people and things into our life as we give off happy endorphins!  

You cannot be sad, angry, stressed or frustrated when you are happy, you are more likely to look after yourself, sleep better, have healthier lifestyle habits, attract abundance in all areas and be happier in your work when you are living an authentic life.

We will dive into exploring your creative side, get to know your inner child, understand the power of positive thinking, create happiness habits, find your flow in creating your own vision boards and passion journal, while developing tools to have you becoming a happiness junkie!


 WhereSatori Retreat, 36 Rimu St Eastbourne  

 When:  30 April/28 May/25 June

 Time:  12-4pm

 Cost:   $50 per session or $130 for all 3 sessions if paid in full on booking

Check out Facebook event page here


(30 April - Week 1) - Think Happy - The power of positivity!

  • Using Meditation to create calm and increase happiness levels
  • Mind-mapping to brainstorm new ways of being happy
  • Using affirmations & Happiness quotes to create a positive mindset
  • Visualising and creative writing to tap into your Dream day and Life 
  • Uncover the joy your inner child is trying to tell you
  • BONUS: Aromatherapy foot soak and prize draw


 (28 May - Week 2) - Be Happy - Finding joy and passion every day! 

  • Group meditation and visualisation to align with the feeling of happiness
  • Get creative and make your own vision board 
  • Find your flow in creating your own passion journal
  • Discover some self-awareness skills to increase your happiness 
  • Create your own inspiring Happiness Jar for weekly reminders
  • BONUS: Aromatherapy foot soak and prize draw


 (25 June - Week 3) - Live Happy - Discovering your bliss! 

  • Group meditation and visualisation to align with the feeling of happiness
  • Review and rejuvenate your happiness habits
  • Create a personal power statement for daily inspiration and focus
  • Discover what builds Happy and Healthy relationships?
  • Simplify your life - less really is more!
  • BONUS: Aromatherapy foot soak and prize draw


Optional extra: to be paid for at time of booking (first in first served)

Beautiful Reiki healing sessions in the morning before each session between 9-11.30am with Lisa at Satori Retreat:

Everyone deserves some time out for themselves & what better way than experiencing a beautiful Reiki healing.

A chance to relax, unwind, and heal your body/mind by finding some balance, energy and inner calm. You will leave floating after a delicious session focusing on just YOU!

You can choose an aromatherapy blend to take you on a delicious journey of the senses.


Book your spot to experience some self love and pampering in a blissful healing session.

Sessions cost:

30 mins - $35
45 mins - $60
60 mins - $80


For all details and to book fill out box on registration form from link below or contact Lisa Conroy:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
027 5269224

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