It’s time to cherish you, your life and everything within.  To honour your beautiful dreams, beliefs, values and desires.  To take you on an inspiring personal journey of discovery, wonder & empowerment.

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To dive deep into your personal vision quest to find your moments of clarity, your true spark of inspiration and creative genius within, to find your sweet spot in creating the delicious life you desire! You deserve a life of meaning, happiness, joy & fulfilment.  To wake up excited with passion & energy to jump into your freshly inspired life, committed to a journey filled with soulfood.  Be in your authentic bliss to discover abundance flows into all areas of your life.

  • Are you ready to take some of your ideas, dreams and visions to the next stage but not quite sure on how to go about it or understand the bigger picture?
  • Are you feeling stuck in a rut and needing help with some direction in your life or career to find meaning and purpose?
  • Are you feeling stressed, overworked, overwhelmed, undervalued and burnt out with little energy to enjoy the joys of life?
  • Are you struggling to find balance, with so many to do lists and lacking time and organisation in your week?
  • Are you feeling out of balance with the demands of life, trying to juggling way too many hats and wondering if there is a light at the end of the tunnel?
  • Are you craving some time out for yourself to "just be" where you can feel super special and feel inspired to bring more fun and playfulness back into your life?
  • Are you lacking energy in your body and struggling to find the motivation to look after yourself and feel self-love for the amazing being you are?


Then you've come to the right place, because I can offer you tips and guidance from my magical tool box to have you sparkling again in no time on our unique 1:1 VIP retreat day!

Together we will design your own tailored VIP package of wellbeing.  We will dive into a one hour discovery session prior to your VIP retreat day, to go over your options and plan our inspirational day together. I will listen to what lights you up and discover your happy places to create a day that will inspire you to be authentically YOU. I will guide and coach you throughout the day to allow yourself to dream, find clarity, do some soul searching and understand your true potential.

This really is the Sweetest Deal where every moment matters while feeling supported and cherished! Your experience on the day will allow you to:

  • Find clarity in areas to prioritise through guided personalised 1:1 coaching
  • Increase your energy and vitality
  • Support you to break through your fears and barriers
  • Create a balanced mind/body/soul connection
  • Help you to understand and focus on your wellness needs
  • Illuminate your unique personality, strengths and  gifts to find your sparkle
  • Boost your happy endorphins so you feel inspired by your life/business


For all information and to find out about all your options for your own personal 1:1 VIP retreat day, visit the dedicated website at

You will feel CHERISHED from head to toe in a memorable day dedicated just to you!

Overnight options also available to dive even deeper for a weekend of total immersion and inspiration for your life and/or business.

I can't wait to have this time that you will treasure always!  Book your discovery session so we can plan your unique day now!

It's time for you to dream big, live bolder and feel abundant in every way!

Yours in wellness

Lisa  x

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