Hi everyone,
I adore Spring for all the beauty and energy it gives us, and I want you to feel passionate about the opportunities waiting for you too.
I have created this empowering Spring Goddess Bundle because it is a wonderful time to dream big, to leap into the unknown, and to embrace your mind, body and spirit fully with wonder, magic and delight.
This purposeful SPRING GODDESS BUNDLE includes:
10 pages of:
? Discovering your own meaning of Spring
? Creating and planning some new Spring activities
? Understanding your bodies needs for enhanced wellbeing
? Spring Rituals to enhance your mind, body and spirit
? The Alchemy of using natures gifts
? Grounding & Inspiring Mantras
? Creating a Spring Vision/Intention Board
? Cleansing ritual/Visualisation
? My Top 10 daily habits exercise
? My Lifestyle balance checklist
? Visualising your way to change
? Creating a Power Statement to help you reach your true potential
PLUS....with this bundle is also a Spring voucher for $20 off a 1 hour Reiki healing or Akashic Soul reading with me - this is valid until the end of November. The package will also include the magic of essential oils, an aromatherapy footspa, delcious herbal tea and chocolate therapy to enhance and awaken your senses!
What are you waiting for - lets get started and bring some sassiness to your Spring today. To get your copy email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
? Sweet Spring blessings ?



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