What's Happening?

A creative person lies dormant within us all, and now is the time to reawaken that passion and find your own creative flow! We can all remember creating fun masterpieces as children; whether it was a finger painting, sand sculpture, drawing, crayon colourings, pasta montages or decoupage sculptures. Where did we lose that inner budding artist?

Guiding woman to create beautiful businesses from the heart with Soul!

Treat yourself for a day to empower your life and find some mindfulness, while rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit in a fun filled way to discover your wings and fly!

Box of Chocolates and Health & Homeopathy are excited to be offering a day retreat that will transform you and your life into something that will excite and inspire you.

A totally delicious weekend to relax, rejuvenate and inspire you to live the life you deserve! Nourish your mind, body and spirit through fun workshops, nature and creativity? Find new focus, direction and tools to increase your confidence and have you sparkling inside and out. Feast on beautiful food, take time out for our self and soak up this peaceful haven.