Hi everyone,

How would you love to spend a few hours escaping from all your busyness to share with friends having some pampering and sampling of amazing natural and delicious aromatherapy products? 


A chance to get some friends together, have a few drinks, unwind and see the beautiful selection of products on offer.


A great way to find the perfect gifts for family and friends as well as creating your own wish list!


Hostess gifts on offer plus complimentary gift for everyone that attends your pampering experience!


How can I use Aromatherapy Products?

I’m glad you asked!  Aromatherapy products are so versatile and offer many different options for usage, below are the most common ways to get full benefit from the products:

  • Massage
  • Bath/Shower
  • Foot Bath
  • Vaporisation
  • Inhalation
  • Compresses
  • Spritzer
  • Body Products

 All Le Reve Essential Oils are registered with TGA Australia (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and comply with Medsafe regulations in New Zealand.  The essential oils are sourced from the purest sources from around the world and are guaranteed.

How can I try out these products or find out more?

The most effective method is to host a Rendezvous, where you can have your own pamper party at your house.  They are a relaxed and enjoyable fun way of getting a group of your friends/family/work colleagues together and find out how these products can benefit you and your family.

 Le Reve offers a wide range of themes to add some extra FUN to your gathering, such as:

  • Chocoholics
  • Cupcakes & Candles
  • Sip & Soak
  • Aromatherapy & Chakras
  • Mind, body & Spirit
  • Domestic Goddess
  • Aroma Babies….plus many more

There are many host benefits, including free products and half price vouchers depending on the number of guests and sales.  You only need a minimum of 3 people to start reaping the benefits, and you and your guests will love the beautiful range, it won’t be hard to promote!

To book your own pamper party or find out more about the range, contact me on the details below for a no obligation chat today !

Lisa Conroy
Le Reve Consultant
027 5269224
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